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Paul Burgess

Cadira Path

Oil on canvas 92 x 92cm
£2,500.00 (SOLD)


River Barn

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The Chase

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Return of the Seven

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Paul Burgess

Paul has lived and worked in Monmouthshire for most of his life and makes his living entirely from selling and exhibiting through galleries in the South Wales region, the Cotswolds, Berkshire and by private commission.

Generally his paintings can be divided into two distinct types; highly figurative representations of animals and landscapes often painted to commission for private clients. His other more personal work, although from a similar subject matter, is much more intense and concerned with pattern making. These images look highly realistic from a distance, tricking the eye and mind into making sense of the marks, yet on closer inspection repetitive blocks and shapes break up the surface into flattened patterned sections. In these intricately detailed images He explores his interest in how all things in the natural world are inextricably connected; ideas he investigated and developed during a period of his life when he studied Buddhism and was ordained as a Buddhist monk.

 He has won a number of prizes - notably the W.M Patterson Fine Arts Award given for a pastel study exhibited at the Mall Galleries, London. In 2013 he was short listed by Artists & Illustrators Magazine, for 'Artist of the Year' with ‘Never Mind The Bullocks’. The magazine again featured his work as 'Painting of the Month' with 'Oak Wood', inspired by the morning light seen through trees in 'Wentwood' near Newport - one of his favourite locations. He was also voted "Artist of the year 2014" at The Art Gallery Tetbury and more recently has had a painting accepted as a permanent addition to the Luciano Benetton Imago Mundi Welsh Collection.