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15 Church Street
Monmouth, Wales, NP25 3BX
United Kingdom

07535 160712

Creates Gallery, Monmouth

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  • There are no restrictions based on age, nationality, or training.

  • Must not have exclusive representation through a gallery or art consultant.

  • Can submit up to 3 different artworks, of any medium.

  • Must be the owner and creator of the works submitted. The Artist must hold all rights.

  • By submitting the entry form, The Artist accepts that any artwork, if successful in the first stage, provides the original artwork chosen to be exhibited during the stated dates. We will not accept an alternative piece if the pice has been sold or is no longer available.

  • Creates Gallery will not be liable for any loss or damage to any artworks submitted at any point in the prize, however, caused either in transit to and from the gallery, or during any period of storage, packing or unpacking, exhibition or in any period in which the work is in their keeping.

  • We recommend that The Artist takes out insurance to cover the artwork, especially in transit and while at the organisers or sponsors premises.

  • The Artist accepts that all work submitted will be for sale in the exhibition until the end of the competition, and Creates Gallery will take a commission of 40%.

  • Creates Gallery will take payment from the client of the artwork and, once payment is received, Creates Gallery will pay The Artist minus the 40% commission on the total sale price.

  • Once registered for this competition, all Artists agree that Creates Gallery may reproduce their work (at no fee) for marketing purposes, at no point will the gallery re-produce prints of ant works for sale, unless with expressive written acknowledgement from The Artist.

  • Entrants agree to be added to our mailing list for future emails and newsletters but can unsubscribe at any time.

  • All entry fees are non-refundable

Entry Process

  • A maximum of 3 artworks per Artist may be entered into the competition. Only one image of each work must be submitted.

  • The image submitted must accurately portray the artwork.

  • We will not be able to allow collection within the exhibition period. Failure to respect this can result in disqualification or revoking of the title and prize.

  • The images and the completed entry form must be submitted online, using the submission form on this website.

  • The image and completed submission form must be submitted online and payment made by the stated final Deadline. Entries received late will be invalid, unless the competition is extended for any reason, then entries received after then but before the new extended date will be valid.

Artwork and Exhibition Requirements

  • We accept a wide range of mediums for this competition; please get in touch if you are unsure of your submission.

  • The performing arts are not accepted in this competition.

  • The artwork must, if shortlisted for judging, be the same work previously submitted as a digital image and be available for the next stage of judging and if selected for the exhibition including the whole exhibition period. We will not be able to allow collection within the exhibition period under any circumstances, without disqualifying The Artist or revoking their prize.

  • Each artwork (even works that comprise of several pieces, e.g. diptychs/triptychs) must not exceed a total of 150cm x 150cm (including the frame) and must not project more than 50cm from the wall. If a sculpture, it can be up to 100cm x 100cm x 100cm.

  • All work submitted must be available for sale. The RRP sale price should be carefully considered and at sensible, fair market value (Creates Gallery can assist with valuations). Work that is not for sale cannot be entered into this competition. Creates Gallery will receive 40% of the price paid only if sold during the exhibition.


  • We do not issue invoices or receipts for entry payments. You will receive notification from PayPal shortly after you have successfully made payment. We do not accept Cheques, Cash or other ways of transferring payments.

  • Within seven days after you have entered and we have received the entry fee, we will confirm you have registered correctly, and this is via email only. If you don't receive an email, then contact us after the seven days.

  • We do not issue any other type of acknowledgement of entry and payment, as this is done via the entry confirmation email either through PayPal or directly from Creates Gallery.

  • Non-cash prizes can not be exchanged for cash.

Final Terms

  • Works shortlisted for the next stage of judging must be sent by the dates given on the website. This information will be given to you in full in an email advising that your work has been shortlisted; artwork submitted late will not be able to be judged. An email will be sent confirming whether a work has been accepted or not, at which time collection dates will be available for those works not selected.

  • Your work should, if possible, be delivered well wrapped and packaging available to be re-used for collection (if unsold). If you have problems with this, please contact the organiser on

  • The Artist must arrange for their artworks to be collected from Creates Gallery, Monmouth, at the end of the exhibition, during the dates specified, or they will be liable for a fee of £5 a day to cover storage costs. The collection date is 10th March 2019 between 10am - 2pm.

  • If your work has been shortlisted or selected for the exhibition, it will be offered for sale during the exhibition period.

  • If work has been selected for the exhibition, these works must continue to be available until the close of the exhibition. We will not be able to allow collection within the exhibition period.

  • Artwork such as paintings or hanging works needs to be wired correctly so that it can be hung during the exhibition. Large sculptures will need to be supplied to the gallery with the correct display equipment. Please contact us for further info.